A Review of Being Seen by Anlor Davin

A Review of Being Seen by Anlor Davin
Review by JD DeHart

What initially interested me in Being Seen by Anlor Davin was the topic of autism.  Davin has a very natural voice and is somewhat instructive, while being entertaining at the same time.  Having been an educator for nearly a decade, and having enjoyed the work of Temple Grandin (which this work references), I was curious to see how autism wove in as part of this story.

I appreciated the organized and thoughtful nature of this book.  Autism is described here vividly and with passion, narratively and grippingly.  Davin describes her own experiences and childhood openly, and includes images which serve to add an even greater element here.  There are details shared here that paint this author and her family for the reader.   As an educator, I was especially interested in the school experiences described in the book.

By the end of this book, we realize that we are encountering a wonderfully-told story of overcoming obstacles, and there is a “full circle” feel by the end.  Being Seen is a story that includes triumph.

I recommend this book as a powerful memoir, and (recognizing I have referenced being a teacher a few times throughout this review) I would encourage anyone to read this book, whether they work in education or not.  This book is the gift of someone’s story, and a glimpse of someone’s life, complete with descriptions of what has shaped the author and explorations of the relationships she has formed.

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