Three Questions with Author Piers Anthony

Science fiction and fantasy author Piers Anthony was kind enough to answer three questions about reading and writing.  Here is what he had to say:

1.  What advice would you offer young readers?

Try reading different things. It just might turn out that what you thought would be awful is actually pretty good.

2.  What advice would you offer young writers?

Try writing different things. I was a serious science fiction writer, but I tried funny fantasy pretty much by chance, and that turned out to be what put me on the map. Your best genre may surprise you similarly.

3.  What are you reading and writing now?

At the moment I am reading a book of classic love stories. My impression so far is that the old-timers hardly knew what love is. But that’s a dangerous generalization. Not many of us would be here now, if our ancestors hadn't known about love. Meanwhile I am making notes for a novella titled Hair Peace, the third following Hair Power and Hair Suite. That features a woman with alien hair six feet long that makes her lovely and telepathic. Incidental fun. I am also making notes for my 44th Xanth novel, Skeleton Key, which I expect to write next year. Walking skeletons are regular characters in Xanth, nice folk when you get to know them.

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