Some Words about Birthrights by J. Kyle McNeal

Some Words about Birthrights by J. Kyle McNeal
Review by JD DeHart

In this first book of a larger series, author J. Kyle McNeal takes us into a world that he has clearly described and unearthed in detail, treating on themes of choosing destiny and making grand life choices in the context of an inventive universe.  McNeal's ability to take us into this fictional world is a hallmark of quality fantasy and science fiction.  The author has to make the landscape vivid enough to be seen and sensed in words, and McNeal accomplishes this.

Readers who are acquainted with the genre will enjoy Birthrights, and readers who are not as versed in this type of fiction should give this book a chance.  The book is told from two perspectives, includes an action-filled narrative, and gives us characters who are easy to follow.  McNeal has arranged this volume (it is not a slim book) clearly and writes descriptively.

There is a legendary sense here that I enjoy encountering in fantasy.  An enjoyable read, I am now looking forward to the follow-up to Birthrights.  Recommended for readers of the young adult and adult range.

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